Collaborative palletizing robot

Labor shortage leads to production slowdown?

The utility model relates to a high payload collaborative stacker, which is a substitute for standard end packaging machinery.

Collaborative palletizing robot

The floor space is the smallest, and the line end packaging is automated.

The floor space is the smallest, and the line end packaging is automated.

Difficulty in hiring packaging line workers?

By automating the tedious and ergonomic process of bulky box stacking, existing labor can be reused for higher value tasks.

PalletizHD system
PalletizHD HD

What PalletizeWJ Palletizer Means

Strongly collaborative palletizing robot in the market, which can easily realize manually completed palletizing program

  • PalletizeWJ stacker, a high payload collaborative robot, has a payload of 25KG and can handle heavy boxes that are difficult for humans to stack continuously.
  • Improve picking rate - With a custom end effector, you can pick multiple lighter boxes at once.
  • Vertical extension - PalletizeWJ stacker can stack up to 230cm with built-in collaborative elevator

Stacking software

Automatic stacking, no need to write a line of code.

Each PalletizeWJ palletizing robot is equipped with customized palletizing software preloaded on the embedded touch screen interface.

Drag and drop the user interface.

Wangjing Technology has customized design, and the end user can use it without programming!

Palletizing Software

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Case Study of Stacking Application

The innovative PalletizeWJ palletizing collaborative robot improves ergonomic safety through the collaborative robot palletizer.

In order to hire and maintain a stable workforce, a packaging company tried to automatically complete the complex and repetitive heavy box stacking task on a packaging line with higher requirements.

Collaborative robot packaging automation

Designed and manufactured by custom machine manufacturers and robot manufacturers Wangjing Technology.

Automate with confidence.

Wangjing Technology focuses on packaging applications and provides manufacturers with the training, services and support they need to add collaborative robots to their terminal processes.

Robotics Integrator PalletizHD line of palletizers